What are external hemorrhoids? This kind of condition is a common problems, but they are often left neglected until they become painful. One of the reasons can be that there is not much awareness about the causes of the external hemorrhoids.

They might not cause death but if they are not identified for a long period, they can grow and become painful. Strained bowel movements and smoking during these bowel motions, sitting for long periods of time, strain due to pregnancy or menstruation can cause external hemorrhoids. But with the advancement in medicines, several pain free methods have been introduced for external hemorrhoids treatment.

When this sort of hemorrhoids have been left untreated for years, surgery is just about the only and longterm option. Although, it is a very painful method but this method is guaranteed to remove the hemorrhoids once and for all. In elastic band ligation method, a band is wound tightly round the hemorrhoids and thus the blood supply is take off and the hemorrhoids stop growing and slowly disappear.

Oral treatments, gels, and creams are also said make the hemorrhoids disappear but sometimes they reappear following a duration of time. تسمم الحمل Sclerotherapy i. E. Using injections to treat the hemorrhoids is another methods becoming popular.

Natural astringents and soothing agents have become popular for treating this problem. Legends say that Aloe Vera, Ginger, Witchhazel will be the natural treatments for hemorrhoids.

If food with strong fiber is eaten, they ease the passage of stool and can decrease pain from the external hemorrhoids. If these procedures are researched on seriously and when they identified to be genuine methods then it can save a lot of pain and unwanted effects to the patient, which other methods cannot do.

The more early you catch this condition, the simpler and less painful will it be to take care of. Hopefully, this answers you question of “what exactly are external hemorrhoids”.

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